Wheeled CO2 Trolley Type Fire Extinguisher

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CO2 Gas Extinguishers are characterized by their high performance for fires involving an electrical rick like computers, office equipment and generators etc. CO2 is non-conductive, clean and safe, ensuring minimal damage to electrical equipment and furnishings.

Wheeled CO2
Trolley Type Fire Extinguisher

Product Description:

Model MT 30 / MT 25
Capacity 25 Kg
Fire Rating 21B / 34B
Extinguishing Agent CO2
Cylinder material: Carbon Steel
Average discharge time 45 – 60 sec
Height (Approx.) 1100 mm Approx.
Diameter 232 ± 10 mm
Working Pressure 850 Psi
Valve Material Brass
Operating temperature -30°C – 60°C
Discharge Range (min) 10 to 12 feet
Function: Can be used on

Class B & C fires

They are usually

ineffective on Class A fires.

Cylinder deep drawn for higher tensile strength.
Cylinder made of special steel to withstand high pressures, tested at 210 bars High-grade brass head valve ensures reliability and optimizes efficiency.

Unbreakable rising pipe made of aluminum to ensure long lasting
life. Safety valve is fitted in each extinguisher for maximum safety

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