Pressure Type Water Flow Switch


The Potter PS10 Series Pressure Actuated Switches are designed for the detection of a waterflow condition in automatic fire sprinkler systems of particular designs such as wet pipe systems with alarm check valves, dry pipe, preaction, or deluge valves. The PS10 is also suitable to provide a low pressure supervisory signal; adjustable between 4 and 15 psi (0,27 and 1,03 BAR).

Pressure Type Water Flow Switch

UL, CUL Listed / FM, LPCB Approved and CE Marked pressure type waterflow switches shall be furnished and installed on the alarm port of each dry pipe valve, on top of or down stream of each retard chamber on each alarm check valve, on the alarm port of each alarm check valve of each excess pressure system, the alarm port of each preaction system and where indicated on the drawings and plans and as required by applicable local and national codes and standards.

Pressure type water flow switches shall be diaphragm type devices consisting of a non-corrosive ½” NPT male nipple for connection to the sprinkler system, dual non-corrosive pressure chambers and diaphragms, independently adjustable pressure settings, two conduit entrances and two Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switches separated by a barrier providing separate wiring chambers for each switch to comply with the NEC requirements for separation of power limited and non power limited conductors without the need for special wire or wire methods. The device shall be NEMA 4 rated and the enclosure shall be held captive by a tamper resistant screw. It shall be possible to install an optional cover tamper switch to detect removal of the enclosure.

The switch shall be factory set to operate at 4-8 psi. The device shall be listed for pressures up to 300 psi. The adjustable range shall be 4-15 psi and it shall be possible to change the factory set operating point of the pressure switch without the use of any tools. It shall be possible to change the pressure setting of either switch without affecting the pressure setting of the other switch. The switch contacts shall be rated at 10.1A, 125VAC and 2A, 30VDC.

Pressure Type Waterflow Switch shall be model PS10-2 manufactured by Potter Electric Signal Company LLC. All in-line valves that can shut off the flow of water to the alarm pressure switch shall be electrically supervised in the full open position.

1340104 Potter PS10-2 Pressure switch with two sets SPDT contacts

Product Information

  • Brand Potter
  • Switch Type Pressure Switch
  • Terminal SPDT
  • Material Die cast
  • Unit Count 1 Count

About This Item:

  • Pressure switch with two sets SPDT contacts
  • Two knockouts provided for 1/2″ conduit
  • Individual switch compartments and ground screws suitable for dissimilar voltages
  • Cover: Die-cast with textured red powder coat finish, single cover screw and rain lipBase: Die-cast
  • Dimensions: 3.78″ W x 3.20″ D x 4.22″ H
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