Foam Top Pourers

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The City’s Foam Top Pourer sets are designed for fixed roof tank foam systems containing flammable liquids. As with many items from City’s fixed foam equipment range the Top Pourers are manufactured to clients individual specifications and factory calibrated for optimum performance.

Each Foam Top Pourer from City’s foam equipment range has a combined foam maker, vapor seal box and pourer. These units can be flow tested in suit without contamination of the products in the tank. City’s Foam Top Pourer sets come in two sizes with individual capacities from 350 to 1000 liters per minute. The Foam Top Pourers have a frangible glass seal which breaks by pressure from the foam deflect onto the tank shell cooling that and gently pouring that onto the fuel surface. The City’s Foam Top Pourer sets all have an easily removable cover allowing for system testing without the need to break the seal and facilitating inspection and maintenance.


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Foam Top Pourers for Tank Protection

Key Users

  • Petrochemicals
  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Major Industrials
  • Marine / Sugar Mills

Key Facts

  • Single Integral Unit
  • Foam Maker
  • Vapor Seal Box
  • Foam Pourer
  • Optional Shell Fixing Kit
  • Flow: 120 to 1200 L/Min


C-Guard FP 2

C-Guard FP 4

Flow Rate LPM

120-350 225-1200

Dimension A

350 to 900

350 to 1000

Inlet Flange

2″ / 2 ‘A” 3″/4″
Outlet Flange 3″/ 4″



Carbon Steel/Gun Metal

Carbon Steel/Gun Metal

Orifice Plate


Frangible Disc Glass



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