Fire Extinguishing Powder ABC Type


This product is made from Monoammonium Phosphate and treated by complete silication damp-proof and caking-proof processing. It can be used in multiple fire-fighting to extinguish fires of class A, class B and Class C, therefore is also called ABC general purpose powder extinguishing agent.

Fire Extinguishing Powder
ABC Type

Product Description:

Technical Data:

  • Content Of Monoammonium Phosphate %: According to user’s demand e.g. 30%, 40% & 60%, 70%
  • Apparent Density: 0.85 g/ml
  • Moisture of the Powder: 0.20 %
  • Discharge Rate: 90 %
  • Electric Insurability: 5.00 KV
  • Water Repellency: No obvious water absorption, no caking
  • Particle Size<0.04mm: 45 %
  • Color: Cream, Light Yellow, Blue, White, Ect
  • Standard: (Applied for) EN 615

Packing and Storage:

  • Packing: 25kg, 30 kg, 40 kg Bag, or 1000 kg big bag with pallet.
  • Storage: Stored in ventilated and dry houses under temperature -5°C —50°C.
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