Fire Ball

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Easy, compact and safe to use by anyone; CE, SGS and SNAS marked
There are no service or maintenance required for 5 years
Non-toxic dry chemical powder and environmentally friendly
Suitable for any common fire – Class A B C D E F
Portable and lightweight 1.3 KG

Auto Fire Ball Extinguisher

For Automatic Operation, The Fire Ball / Auto Fire Ball Extinguisher needs to be installed, 10-30 cm above the spot. Where fire is likely to combust (e.g. stove or cook top).

STOP FIRES FAST Ideal for use in your home or business the AFO is a fire suppressant packaged in a compact and lightweight 1.3 kg ball that self-detonates in 3 to 5 seconds when it comes into contact with fire and disperses non-toxic chemicals to extinguish the flames in an area with a radius ranging between 86 to 107 square feet. Suitable for 10 Sq Feet area. Usable for Class A, B and C Fires Home or Business. The AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is suitable for use on normal combustibles like wood, paper, and flammable liquids (Class A, B and C) it’s the ideal fire safety product for your kitchen, garage, car, or boat, when grilling or camping, and ideal for restaurants, offices, auto shops, and manufacturing facilities too.

Eco Friendly Environmentally friendly, nontoxic and safe around people and pets, made with SGS approved ABC Class Dry Powder. the AFO is an affordable fire extinguishing solution that is user-friendly, service and maintenance free for 5 years. How It Works The AFO  works in two different ways:

AFO can be placed in a fire prone area and using the specially-designed stand that comes with each unit the AFO  will self-detonate when it comes into contact with fire even if no one is around; you can’t do that with a fire extinguisher.
Fire Extinguishers Ball 1.3 kg. validity 5 years, no maintenance and no refilling. With wall hanging steel frame.

Made in China.

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