Escape Chute

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  • Spiral Escape Chute-Stationary Type
  • Working Height: 60M
  • Length of The Chute: 60m
  • Classification: MSA, KOLAS, GERMAN CERTI Certificated
Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute
  • Spiral Escape Chute-Stationary Type
  • Working Height: 60M
  • Length of The Chute: 60m
  • Classification: MSA, KOLAS, GERMAN CERTI Certificated
  • Material Used: Flame Retardant


A lot of persons can be escaped in a short time.
The Escape can be used alone.

The disabled, Senior citizens & pregnant women can be escaped easily. Where it needed: Government Buildings, Fire Truck Installation, Hotel, School, High-Rise Building, etc.

Product Description:

  • Function: For escape and high emergency rescue. Possible for rescue 02 person together (one rescuer, one injured or disable person, children, old person, pregnant women)
  • Structure: Module structure, 3meter/ each module flexible structure. Padding on the bottom of the chute to maximum avoids injuring or shock for user.
  • Material: Polyester, heatproof and fire resistance
  • Color: White
  • Thickness: (KSK 0506:2006): 0.40mm
  • Bursting strength: 1480kPa
  • Tensile strength: (Din 53354. C.R.E. strip method): N/5cm Warp: 2310.5N I Weft: 1863.1N
  • Tearing strength: (BS 3424 PART 5 method 7B:1982, C.R.E) Warp: 174.3N I Weft: 144.5N
  • Bursting strength: (DIN EN ISO 13938-1, Hydraulic method: 3080 kPa
  • Resistance to high temperature: The appearance change (Coating’s melt and carbonization) was observed only after treated of direct and indirect condition. Direct in 2 seconds: 2550C Indirect in 2 seconds and 10cm distance: 5000° C
  • Water Resistance: (Din EN 20811, Hydrostatic Pressure Test): 0 mbar
  • Fiber Composition: (KSK 0210:2007) Polyester: 100%
  • Flammability: (DIN 4102-1, NFPA701:2010 Test Method 2) * The MSA Certificate

This is IS09001:2008 Certificate which means “Certified for the Quality Approval” of escape chute (=Vertical, Spiral, sloping escape chute) by MSA.

Intended Use:

This product is designed to provide safe and quick evacuation of people. The system is geared to facilitate the escape of evacuees with or without mobility deficiencies. It is used as an alternative or complementary escape route in case of emergency such as terrorist attack, earthquake, fire, etc. Its compact storage box can be designed to integrate fully to installed by a window, roof top or balcony.

Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute (Mobile Type)

This Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute is fabric chute attached to a metal frame and held together with support belts. It is designed to be installed to the building for the rescue and to evacuation people with speed and safety.

Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute is a device which emergency in the crowd and rapid evacuation of people from high structures, where one chute is capable of evacuating some evacuees from a high-rise building in 15 to 20 minutes. It is also possible for a person to enter the chute, and then have an evacuee second person placed upon their shoulders, to assist the second person to evacuate.

The Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute construction of the chute allows several people in a continuous order to descent without blockage. The law of friction and gravity keeps bodies with different weights apart in equal distance (2minutes/person for a 30m descent) The speed of the descent is about 2.10meter/second compared to 5m/second for the average elevator.

The personal escape chute system offers an external independent escape option. When an earthquake shifted walls and blocked door exits, our external escape chute has been proven to bring occupants safely to the ground. The weight of the chute system and all people in it is supported by Support belts which guarantee and equal distribution of the pulling force.

The sliding Cloth is in spiral form descending in anti-clockwise direction. The body is sliding steadily in a left-handed turn through the safety chute. The Outer Cloth is Polyester and flame resistant as well as water repellent. The Holding handle are for stabilizing the chute from the ground and the chute will be attached to a ground anchor or a certain person helps for coming out in order to provide add stability.

The Capsule has a thick foam cushion at the bottom for additional comfort upon exiting. Vertical-Spiral Escape Chute can be installed into most structures, and only requires a clear drop to ground level. When deployed, as you travel through the escape chute you can look up and down, no smoke can enter the chute. To exit your feet will touch the ground, extract your body from the chute and walk away.

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