Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Escape Breathing device is composed of 2L 300bars carbon-fiber cylinder, pressure reducer, demand valve, full face mask, cylinder valve with pressure gauge.

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus
Firefighting Equipment EEBD

Firefighting Equipment EEBD Application:

EEBD is a positive pressure air breathing apparatus for protecting
humans’ respiratory system during emergency escaping.

It can be widely applied in the place of oxygen deficit/hypoxia, high or unknown concentrations of toxic gases, endangering human. health. Such as fire-fighting, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Cylinder volume 2L
Rated service time About 15-20mins
Weight 4.40Kg Aprox
Rated working pressure 300 Bar- 30MPa
Alarming pressure 5.5±0.5MPa
Alarming volume more than 90dB
Working temperature -30°C — 60°C


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