3 Way Pillar Fire Hydrant

Can be fitted with an underground 4″ gate valve with spindle cap (sluice valve) and operated by using a hydrant key and bar.



3 Way Pillar
Fire Hydrant

Product Description:

Size: DN100mm DN150mm
Working Pressure: 20 Bar
Test Pressure: 25 Bar
Material: Cast Iron
Coating: Internal and external with fusion bonded epoxy coating or liquid painting
Body material: Cast iron BS1452
Adaptor material: Brass or Bronze
Outlet: x21/2″ Control Valve with Female BS instantaneous Outlet 1 x 4″ Male Thread
Inlet: 6″ Table E BS 10 Flange / 4″ Table E BS 10 Flange
Color: Red, Yellow etc
Brand name: C-Guard
Model Number: 3 Way Pillar Hydrant
Coating: Epoxy coating or liquid painting


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